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21. April 2024

Update Version 9.3

***  WPS  ***

NEW - Create the WPS now also according to AWS

WPS Color concept:

***  Welder administration ***

NEW - Filter the timetable by the desired period

***  General ***

NEW - The search function for base materials, welding consumables and gases has been converted to FILTER. This makes it easier to quickly find and limit the data.

24. March 2024

Update Version 9.2

***  WPS  ***

>WPS list - Filter optimized - Now filters in the wording
>Filler metal rebacking for process FCAW, 136 added
>Link to WPS PDF file improved visualization in the WPS header

***  Welder Administration ***

>NEW - ASME / AWS welder qualification - base metal - calculation of range of approval
>ISO9606-2 - Clarification of the range of approval for solid wire (S)

***  Plug-In***

>Update - voestalpine Böhler - Plug-in updated
   -If you have any questions about this plug-in, please contact voestalpine Böhler

***  GASES***

>NEW - ASME / AWS gas designation according to AWS A5.32: 2021 (This now corresponds to ISO 14175mod)
>Update - 30 standard gases added

04 January 2024

Update Version 9.1

***  WPS  ***

>Link to the WPS PDF file is now displayed in the WPS header >>always visible<<

***  Welder management ***

>NEU Management of "OTHER" welder or NDE personnel
-Manage the welding or NDT personnel separately from the welder qualifications in the new "OTHER" tab
-Selection of qualifications
-Customised alarm settings
-User-defined print configuration for personnel lists
-Multiple list selection and flexible

01 October 2023

Version 9 is online -WINDOWS 11 Ready

  • ASME IX + AWS WELDER + OPERATOR Certificates

  • Multiple selection of welders and operators for renewal at once

  • Online renewal verification for 6 months / certificate renewal for

  • Printing of pre-configured welder / operator list for ISO / ASME / AWS

  • Colour code for better visualisation

  • Prints configurations completely modified

  • Filter options extended

  • Link to pdf file in the WPS list - This gives you direct access to the saved pdf file of your WPS from the WPS list

Furthermore, you can now also purchase a maintenance contract. For further information please see the order form.

September 2023

Visit us at the exhibition SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Essen, Germany

Hall 2, Stand No. 2D34 (SAFRA Stand)

ss weldassistant

December 2021

New Update available   Version 8.2.10     24. December 2021

***  WPS  ***

>Parameter "Process Type" (manual. automatic,....)
-edit parameter now

August 2021

The new weldassistant homepage is online !

  • Completely new and simple structure
  • Clear structures
  • All important information on one page

September 2020


ISO WPS - Update according ISO 15609-1:22019

The WPS printout has been fully updated to reflect the requirements of ISO 15609-1:2019 and the additional parameters.

WPS-Parameter added

- Backing
- Back gouging
- Throat thickness (a-Maß) - if fillet weld
- weld metal thickness - if groove/butt weld
- Type of welding (manual, machine,...)
- Wave controlled welding parameters (Mode, Job-no, additional info) for 141, 13x, 15
- Welding Machine Manufacturer and Type for all processes (ISO only)
- Postheating (soaking) / Postheating for hydrogen release
- Torch, electrode and/or wire angle
- Detailed oscillation parameters in layer added

2020 09news

NEW PLUG-INS with expert system


Safra Logo

MIG WELD Logo klein

The two Plug-Ins offer you aluminum and copper wires for MIG and TIG welding with expert system. After selecting the base material, you will be offered appropriate welding consumables.

Dezember 2018


Create a WPQR according to ISO 15614-1 Level 2 with all related documents

- WPQR form
- Welding test report
- Test results combined with photos or additional information
- Practical workshop record for documentation of the welding

- Additional page added to WPS, freely editable
- New languages Swedish and Dutch

2018 09news

Februar 2017


voestalpine Böhler Welding

voestalpine FONTARGEN Brazing

This is another step to extend the wide range of welding consumables to manufacturers operating AROUND THE WORLD. The Plug-Ins offers more than 800 welding consumables with the corresponding ISO and AWS designations assigned to the respective welding processes.



The Palfinger Group uses the weldassistant in all production sites worldwide.

Palfinger news

The weldassistant is used globally to manage welding know-how such as WPQRs, WPS and welder qualifications. The bilingual documents and ease of use are key factors.

PALFINGER AG stands for the most innovative, reliable and economical lifting solutions for use on commercial vehicles and in the maritime sector.


Long term partnership

INSTITUT DE SOUDURE and weldassistant - 10 years of cooperation

In November 2014, in Paris Nord 2, Villepente, was held again a presentation of the weldassistant and comparison of ISO and ASME WPS and WPQR with more than 120 participants from many different industries.